So, it’s 2014.  At least, it will be in about 42 minutes.

This NYE is very different than the last.  In the previous year I’ve changed beyond recognition in some ways, and stayed exactly the same in others.

I’d like to say it’s all for the better, for the greater good.  But I am not too sure if that is true just yet.

So today – tonight – I am just a list of things.  It isn’t important though.

I have a habit of starting and not overly maintaining blogs.  My most recent/concurrent has become an emo thought fest so I wanted somewhere different to inspire myself.

To talk about love and hate.  Desire and distaste.  Fear and hope.  To discuss wanting babies, kinky sex and all the in betweens.  To make life decisions.  To breathe.

Welcome to 2014.


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