30 days of kink…entry 6.

a 30 days of kink entry.

” Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.”

Wow, to put this on the internet.

Well.  This is tough.  I think I am more interested in general in lifestyle kink than simple bedroom dynamics as I grow into this.  And I have some pretty far out there fantasies than don’t dare be written in the world of who knows what…but, I will tell you instead of the most frequent.

In this fantasy I am a live-in slut.  To someone specific honestly but for this writing exercise, it could be anyone.  I live with him and I am owned by him. He takes care of me, and I do as I am told.

I come home from work and I am tired as I trudge up the front steps.  I unlock the front door and walk in, instantly aroused when I see that the bedroom door is closed as I walk down the hall.  I can hear movement inside and I know he is occupied with someone…I wander into the kitchen, after putting away my purse, and start cutting up some veggies for the dinner that has been in the crock pot all day.

It only takes me a few minutes though and then I am drawn again to the hallway.  I am not sure how long they have been in there and Daddy didn’t leave me a note as to what to do with myself this afternoon.  I hear movement and a gasp, a short moan and I can hear him speak to her, although I can’t make out the words.  I hear shifting and then she is moaning rhythmically and I can only imagine her on her knees in front of him…

I am sitting cross legged on the floor in front of the bedroom door and I slip my hand between my legs, no hiding my excitement…within seconds I can feel it building and when it comes I unintentionally cry out, softly…and I hear a short pause in the bedroom.  I hurry back into the kitchen and finish preparing dinner, ashamed, aroused…

Some time later, I hear him walk her to the door.  I keep my head down as he comes into the kitchen, behind me, and presses against my bum.  I arch back into him but he steadies me at my hips, his lips at my neck.  “You couldn’t control yourself, could you?” he questions softly as the heat rises into my cheeks and I start mumbling an excuse… “maybe I haven’t been giving you enough attention..” he says, tugging my hair gently as he pushes me towards the living room.. “perhaps I should change that”.

He remains behind me as he strips my panties down my legs, pushing my skirt up and leaning me forward, my behind in the air and I can already feel my wetness in the cool air as he runs his fingers between my legs, shaming me further.

I feel one hand at the nape of my neck as the other smacks down on my ass.  “What’s the rule?” he asks before treating the other cheek to the same – “I need permission…” I moan as he presses my upper half down further into the couch, striking me again.  “did you ask permission?” he asks as he continues to deliver the spanking, my ass pushing up further to meet him despite the pain, my breath coming quickly… “no, sir, sorry…” I whimper, attempting to turn around to him as he pauses in his punishment, sliding his fingers along my wet pussy and teasing my clit…

I feel him shift and he is in front of me, pulling my head up to meet his eyes with my hair wrapped around his hand…he slaps me and I gasp.  “haven’t we talked about this before?  I thought you wanted to be a good girl..” he asks, and I feel my eyes well up, “I do..”.  With his free hand he undoes his pants and pushes my mouth down onto his cock where I breath him in and moan, eagerly accepting him into my mouth.. “this is what turns you on, isn’t it…smelling her on my well used cock…you can’t even control yourself..” he observes as I grasp him in one hand, my other fingers finding their way to my clit as I moan, my mouth full of him, full of her…

He suddenly pulls me up, kissing my lips gently and quietly and tugging me to my feet.  “So go be a good girl and get our dinner” he says quietly, watching me.  I turn to do as he bids, aching as he denies me, feeling the heat on my ass cheeks as I walk to the kitchen,



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