Heroism and Moving Forward..

I missed a day again.  So it’s a two in one daily post prompt kinda afternoon…

I think, that like most people…I spend a lot of time living in my past, seeing the world in retrospect, than I do looking forward.

My hero, when I was five, was definitely my daddy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom, and all of the other people who I am supposed to love…but…there is something special about the bond between a daddy and a little girl, that really is incomparable for the most part.  He was the one that made things happen; showed me new things, pushed me to succeed, made me cry if I was in trouble – not because it was going to hurt, but because – I disappointed him.  He held my hand when I needed it and he always made sure I knew I *could* do something – if I was willing to try hard enough.

He is probably still my “hero” today.  In a different way with just as much love.  You see, there was this great divide between us for years, and suddenly I was ‘home’ again, and he was really my daddy again…he took care of me when I fucked up the rest of my life and had absolutely nothing.  These days, he is there if I need him.  I can show him I love him without shame, and I can act basically the way I did when I was five and get away with it.

Speaking of looking forward to a date in the future…I don’t have a specific date, but I feel like maybe there are still one or two things worth looking forward to.  Like the day when I get to become a mother; get to create life and that beautiful bond between a parent and child.  When I get to look into my little girls eyes and make sure she knows that she will never be alone.  Sappy, but that’s my truth this rainy Saturday afternoon.


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