Lost days…

Oh, yawn.  Do you ever have those weeks that seem to go on *forever*?!  and then you realize, it’s only Wednesday…

I missed my Daily Post prompt from yesterday, so I will incorporate it into today’s.

So, rainbows and style.  These sorta…totally go together.  I definitely style myself as a rainbow on a daily basis…just jokes.  Bad ones at that.

So, being proudly BI-sexual, +/- maybe a reformed full on lesbian who now likes boy parts, too, rainbows are a friendly happy symbol of the acceptance and love for gays, lesbos, bi’s, trannies, and all of those who fall anywhere within the spectrum or even maybe a little outside of it – because yo – it’s acceptance, not compartmentalizing, bitches!

I live in a very gay friendly city with gay crosswalks:


and I lived a very happy 8 years with  my big old gay (lezzie?!) girlfriend, who refused to be labelled until she suddenly had the OUT and prouds.

So, generally we stick people into boxes and they are supposedly to dress or accessorize a certain way.  You know…hippies, preppiesbeach bums and dykes.   Plus like, a thousand other things,  but whatever.  My focus here is on my “persona” / “label” and my “style”.

Note all the air quotes.  They’re important because I lack, in general, labels and style, but…what do you do, right?

People don’t look at me (or didn’t) and think – OMG LESBO!  I’m neither androgynous enough, short-haired enough, outgoing enough or like..plaid enough to be labelled on sight.  I am pretty non-descript.  I don’t dress like…anything special.  I am almost exclusively found in jeans and some sort of low-ish cut top.

So – maybe that should be a goal for me this year.  Stylize myself.  Pick a personality.  Express it via clothes, hate, scarves and purses.  Or at least clothes.

I don’t think I am who I dress…

I think I sound pretty weird though, so there’s a jumping off point 🙂



3 thoughts on “Lost days…

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