30 Days of Kink! Entry 5.

Well I might not get these posts done every.single.day – but I vow to finish the 30 days of kink challenge even if it takes 60 days 🙂

” What was your first kinky sexual experience?  If you haven’t had one yet, talk about what you hope to have happen.”

This is hard…like actually pretty interesting, because I think there have been flavours of kink throughout my sexual life, as I have mentioned before – but only in the last year have I begun to label these things and explore *in depth* with any of them.

So…I am not sure where I stand with organized kink pre-2012.  I did some random bondage stuff as a teenager.  I fucked the wrong people my whole life…hmm.

I will just pick something and talk about biting.

First of all – I love biting.  It’s erotic, it hurts good, it’s intimate, it leaves beautiful marks, you can mix it with kissing or rubbing…

Anyhow.  When I was around 20 I was a lonely little slut.  I met some guy via some online dating site.  He was a bit strange which was entirely up my alley, and we chatted some.  I didn’t want to date anyone, and he was (as I found out later, mostly..) very much hung up on his ex.  Whatever…

We met and we had a picnic, which was refreshing.  We wandered around for many hours, had a beer, and eventually I went home with him.  We talked about weird and extremely intimate things, the kind of things you normally talk about with your best friend, but it didn’t matter.  We got a bit more intoxicated…

I think he is probably the first boy I fucked that was a top and it was clear.  There was an immediate power struggle when we started getting frisky.  He took the lead and I allowed him to.  We dissolved into each other, and honestly –  nothing over the top kinky happened…I spent the night, had the early morning walk of shame to a job interview the following morning, and had *marks* to prove I’d had a good night.

Not just like…a hickey.

I was covered in these dark, painful, wounded, beautiful bite marks.

So – I guess I will count that as my first kinky experience.  For the record, I gave the same gift of marks to someone who I would love a long time some years later, and *she* had a job interview the next day.  The world is small and full of irony…


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