Self Discovery…

A 30 Days of Kink Post.  This should have been yesterday but I didn’t get there.

“How did you discover you were kinky?”

Do people actually know the answer to this question?

I think this kind of thing just kind of happens…to me at least.  I wander along minding my own business and then somewhere along the line I have this deep, insatiable craving to be called a good girl and pushed down onto my knees…or on the other end of the scope, to wrap my hand around someone’s throat and hear their breathing change, feel how their body reacts to <negative??> stimulus…listen to them beg for more.

So I don’t think I discovered it in any particular way.  I think I was in a place where my mind was open to possibilities and my boundaries were shot and I just allowed my self, my mind, my body to think, feel, react, decide as it would.  The fact that I was 30 when I really “made this discovery” is the only unusual thing about it.



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