On: Happiness

<today’s daily prompt entry!>

What does “happiness” look like to you?This, is a hard one!  Sometimes I think…I am surrounded by happiness.  I am pleased so easily.  Love abounds and all that crap.  Other times…I am not sure I have any fucking idea what “happy” is, to begin with.

When I am not down and lost though…it’s all the little things, really.  The little things are really what matter…

Like…when you’re standing outside in a bit of sunshine on an otherwise cool day and it just warms you to the core…that makes me happy.  The simple things the pets do – the way they look art you so unconditionally with adoration…so much happy.  The way I feel whole when I am held tight and soothed…all the happy.

So keep your eye out for the little things.  The look in her eyes…the first bloom of a flower in spring…the feeling of a gentle cool rain on a hot summer day…when you stop and take it all in…the world isn’t quite all that bad.  Harsh, confusing, painful – yep.  But full of potential just waiting.



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