Beyond MY Ordinary…

Some people might call me timid.  I don’t exactly run around bursting with ideas for crazy assed things to do…in fact I don’t overly express many things.

I tend to be afraid to try new things.  Some of this is fear of failing (huge!) or at least of not doing *well enough* if I did try something…and part of it is sort of generalized social anxiety.  I avoid going into new shops – or trying on clothes in certain stores for that matter – for this very reason.

Anyhow.  Life kicked me in the face this year, several times actually.  I bent, broke, mended to the best of my ability and shattered again.  It’s a work  in progress.

No one would call me athletic.  I don’t have too many overly active hobbies for various reasons.

He, is into biking.  He encouraged me and eventually I wound up with the bike previously belonging to a friend who had moved out of the province.

I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to ride a bike anymore…probably hadn’t been on one in 15 years.

But, apparently you actually don’t un learn this skill – no lie!

Having the bike gave me a way to challenge myself physically.  To decompress.  To do something new at a time where everything old was falling to pieces.  And the ability to do things I didn’t think I would be able to do, without her.  He probably doesn’t know it, but he gave me a huge gift in pushing me towards this decision.  (although, sadly – we’ve never gone anywhere together via bike yet)

So it was a stepping stone, a building block and completely out of character for me.



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