Truth (or dare?)

daily prompt post .

Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?”

I think this is sorta a complex question, and a little more in depth than truth vs…dare lol,

I believe that the best policy is to be honest.

I also believe that you can 100% be too honest.

I think we all do it.  Hide little things…maybe you’re not lying but you aren’t being completely honest either.  You may be protecting someone.  Or shielding yourself from embarrassment,

It doesn’t really matter,

Sometimes, it makes things harder…to be straight forward about every single thing.  In the long run, the thing you were avoiding becomes a much bigger deal than it had to be to begin with though, I think…


NHC (my ex) and I split up at the end of July.  I told my employer just this past weekend.  Which is kinda weird because we are a pretty chill workplace.  But, I wasn’t ready to talk about it previously.  It felt bad.  I didn’t want it affecting my work (and I very much think I held myself together quite well!).  Telling now was awkward too.  It seemed a much bigger bridge to cross now,..because most people know, and telling someone now seems harder, more fail-like.  I also have to tell my co-worker now.  It’s sometimes as though minimizing a BIG thing in your life might actually make it harder.

But, in general, I try not to lie.  You will get my honest truth opinion if you ask me if your bum looks big in that dress (and fwiw – big bums aren’t always a bad thing!) or want to know what I think about that dude you just met and may suddenly be in love with.

I dunno.  Those are my thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Truth (or dare?)

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