Today, was long.

I think the first day back at work after several off is basically always kinda long, but – today seemed particularly long.

One of my kitties had her teeth done today and lost a bunch of them – poor baby girl.  Thank goodness for really good happy drugs.  We followed that up with learning about my dogs thyroid condition and an hour spent picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy for the pets tonight.  Yawn!

The manager sent me some forms today, at work.  With regards to my break up – I basically just need to say so to take her off my benefits plan.  I need to change my beneficiary though.  It seems so final, dotted-liney, indisputable and sorta just in my face and cold and there to write something down on paper.

Plus, I don’t really know who to put as my beneficiery,  Who should benefit if I drop dead next week?  How does one decide this?  Do I split it?  Give it to the money saavy and expect them to be generous and make sure others get some?  WTF?  This was so much easier as not-a-single.

I dislike being single.

It’s so obnoxious.  It’s not like I need dates & jewelry.  I just want to be able to SAY I am with (x).

Anyhow, today was long.



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