Thirty Days of Kink: Day 2

(a 30 Days of Kink post)

Day 2 – List your Kinks.

This is kinda hard.  I’m still learning about some, still defining some, and still figuring out what some things *are* less they remain unnamed forever.

So I’m going to split this into 3 parts: Current Kinks, In-Progress Kinks & Want (to try, highly) Kinks.

Currently there are a few kinks that are important to me, within the “relationship” I am in, and which I think I would like if I were to somehow become fully single and be looking for someone else.  These may or may not go both ways (give/recieve) but I am not going to get into that detail tonight.  So, the first things that come into my head are worship (this was the first things I ever read about cock worship..), lactation, dirty talk, cuckqueaning , and humiliation.  With the physical *likes* of slapping & choking, etc.  Things I have little bits of experience with and wish to explore or incorporate further include; body modification, watersports, begging, domestic service, pain & marks.  I would be interested in trying a relationship structure with rules, rewards & discipline (eg spanking…as seen often in DD, TiH, D/lg or HoH style relationships) as well as incorporating much more role play and allowing the kink to flow harder throughout the entire relationship rather than being predominantly in the bedroom.  I mean there’s crap loads of things I want to try but they aren’t worth listing in this context 🙂

So I guess that’s it – my thoughts on my kinks!


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