Making Magic.

Welcome, 2014.  So begins my journey with the daily prompts.

I think I used to believe in magic.  Like, really – I was essentially that 16 year old trying to make sense of the world by way of casting circles and calling to the elements.  But that’s not where I’m going today.

If I was transformed into someone with the ability to make a certain kind of magic; I think my magic would be in strength.  I would be strong, I would fight hard, I would not bend or break and I wouldn’t be risking it all, you know – ever.  I would be strong, and with my strength I would be able to fight for others & heal others.

I’ve spent so many months watching the emotional suffering of others in the past year – in 2013 – that for 2014 I would just really like it if I could make it all better.  And not have to worry about myself in the process.



4 thoughts on “Making Magic.

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