An intro of sorts?

I guess I should intro myself here.

since this blog, I decided to make public.  Although I won’t be asking the people I see to read it.  Maybe it’s because I’m lonely.  So I will make online-world friends.  Or at least…someone might read something I wrote, sometime and think it’s kinda awesome/neat/kinda ok/rockin’/or whatever in a touched my soul for a moment kind of way.

So, hi.

I am just myself.  Early thirties, born and raised in beautiful BC (and couldn’t really imagine wanting to live somewhere else).

The last few years has brought mucho change to me.  I became less monogamous and more poly.  I had health scares, major surgery and survived.  I’ve watched people around me suffer and I have watched other people rally.  I stopped being such a dyke when I realized that – it’s ok that I like penis, sometimes.  I lost my best friend and the one whom I thought was my soul mate, and I grieved the last 8 years as though she were dead and not simply in some other home.  I learned to like myself.  I learned to manipulate myself.  I learned to push my boundaries.  I gave myself the choices and reasons to change and grow.

This year…I am going to make decisions.  I am going to be amazing.  I am going to grow and reach places I  never knew about.  I am either going to befriend people to the extent that I shall not be lonely – I shall not be anxious in my social interactions – I can be someone’s BFF – or I will learn to live with myself.  I spend far too much time alone in my room now that it is only mine.

So – that’s me.  OH and I also have a shit tonne crazy number of dogs and cats, live in a weird house in a weird situation, have worked a job I love for the last 9 (10 in march!) years but am not sure I should continue to be there, I crave motherhood like candy, I feel deeply and think too much…and many other things.

I think this is kinda like an intro-fail but it’s just me 🙂


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